Gray Nicolls – New Cricket Bat Range For Season

Gray Nicolls, unlike other batmakers, grow their own high quality English Willow for production of their cricket bats. They have been handcrafting their high quality cricket bats since 1876 in Robertbridge, England. 2009 was an excellent year for the batmaker. English captain used it whilst winning the Ashes series against Australia, it produced the most hundreds scored in the year as well having the most international and domestic players using the bat than any other brand. The 2010 bat range has been carefully designed and upgraded in all areas. The latest addition to the Gray Nicolls brand, the Evo is a culmination of every ounce of knowledge and skill from master batmakers combined with feedback from the worlds top players. The new Evo boasts maximum spine and edge height while still producing an impressive lightweight pick up, perfect for all round stroke play in all forms of the games.

The Gray Nicolls Powerbow which is regarded as a classic by many, has been impressively revamped. The revamp includes, an exaggerated bow to the lower blade that packs lots of power, a steeper spine profile which allows redistribution of weight into the hitting area enhancing a massive edge and sweet spot. It also boasts a new shoulder and splice that enables a light pick up but maintaining extreme power.

The new improved Ignite, used by English captain Andrew Strauss, boasts a huge profile and thick edges which make shot making easy. The new subcontinental styling, with a huge sweet spot, combined with a beautifully balanced pick up, makes the Ignite ideal for modern day batsman. The 2 options in the Ignite range are the 5 Star and the Assassin.

The Nitro boasts new cosmetics and design made possible by using feedback from the worlds best batsman. It’s unique shoulder and toe contouring gives it an impressive look and feel. Its steep spine running from the splice to the toe end of the cricket bat gives it an imposing profile full of power.

The Xiphos made an big impact in 2009 as it sports a distinctive chrome effect branding and unique grooving. Its thick edges, large mid blade sweet spot, together with wonderfully balanced pick up, is sure to give any batsman huge confidence. The Xiphos is used by English opening batsman, Alistair Cook.

The revolutionary double-sided Dual T20 cricket bat has been developed in reaction to the exciting style of batting in the 20 over format. The Dual T20’s unique pressing allows 5500lbs of pressure per square inch on both sides of the bat. To achieve this, the bat is not carved away thus providing enormous power on either side of the blade.

A new feature for 2010, which will be seen on a selected number of models, is their extra-cover anti-scuff. This dramatically enhances the cosmetic look of the blade and offers maximum durability.

Source by Jason Peter Brown

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